Date Published 17 Feb 16

With twenty years in marketing under my belt, I’ve got used to the fast paced fads, fancies and trends of a connected world.

But, now we are talking ‘digital’ marketing I wanted to understand and dig deeper in to what this term really does mean and involve.

So, with my degree certificate yellowing in a drawer, I decided that the only way I could do this was by going back to school. Well not exactly school, distance learning from the Oxford College of Marketing to obtain a Post Graduate Diploma in the said subject.

Being honest I wasn’t sure what to expect, but in fact I have been enlightened by the amount of knowledge and tools I have gleaned in just a short time. And, it feels truly satisfying that I have already been able to execute many of my learnings in the workplace with positive results.

For example I didn’t really use social media in a business fashion before, but by simply learning how to word tweets correctly and send at certain key times my twitter followers have increased dramatically in a very short time.

Creating word clouds has allowed me to recognise customer pain points. By analysing your customer feedback you can see what your customers like most about your business and what they like least. Pain points such as service and price are very easy to identify with word clouds.

I am also now adept at approaching the right audiences through LinkedIn and have realised that a good infographic is worth a thousand words.

Identifying a good and bad online brand presence was an interesting project. Coca Cola being a prime example of a big win to capture a teen and young adult audience. A ‘magic’ coke machine was put in a number of college cafeterias with a video set up to capture the surprise and delight of students faces as bottle after bottle of free coke, sunflowers, pizza and even a six foot long roll appeared. With an interactive ‘Share the Happiness’ call to action the campaign was a massive success, with the YouTube clip reaching over seven million views.

The Malaysian Airlines ‘Bucket List’ campaign was an epic fail for obvious reasons. The messaging was swiftly changed from ‘My Ultimate Bucket List’ to ‘Win an iPad or a flight to Malaysia.’

So now I’m pleased to say that I understand a lot more about this digital marketing malarkey. But, if you are still questioning if this trend will automatically sell your product or bring you business just because you promote it online, the answer is clearly no.

Like everything to achieve results you need to work hard and maybe even study harder. But with constant networking, communication, gleaning of information and listening then you will stand half a chance.

And finally, don’t ever think you can’t learn something new!

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Sue Reynolds Regional Marketing Director, NEU at OpenText

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