Date Published 31 Jan 17

There is no bigger topic of conversation at the moment than Brexit and what does that mean for the UK as a nation going forward. It is therefore no surprise that the CIO should also be thinking about the impact of leaving the European Union.

An immediate effect has been an increase in certain hardware costs due to changes in exchange rates and market uncertainty. From an IT Budget perspective this will need to be closely tracked and monitored, as these increased costs are unlikely to have been forecasted in earlier budgetary cycles.

The longer term issues to consider include the impact to the IT labour market across Europe. Finding skilled IT resources is already a challenge in the UK and a reduced pool of talent is only going to exacerbate the issue. An IT resource planning strategy is more important than ever before and will no doubt stimulate a very competitive landscape.

There also needs to be further thought on the strategy to be applied to data sovereignty, especially for those companies that have adopted a Cloud architecture. The Government will need to give further thought to how data is passed between the UK and Europe and review how measures such as the Investigatory Powers Bill interacts with reforms such as the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Capturing the risks and putting mitigating strategies in place is now the order of the day for the CIO.

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