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The DPO Centre is the UK’s leading Data Protection Officer resource centre.

We provide experienced and knowledgeable data protection officers who deliver services that remove the burden of complying with data protection regulations, such as the GDPR.

These include

  • Expert DPOs from 1 to 8 days per month
  • GDPR audits, gap analysis, DPIAs, RoPA
  • Processor agreements and policy writing
  • Handling Subject Access Requests
  • Training
  • EU Representation

We work with 250+ organisations worldwide

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Outsourced Data Protection OfficersGDPR auditsData Protection Act 2019ePrivacy RegulationPrivacy Impact Assessments (PIA)
PECRGap analysisData breach managementData Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA)Records of processing activities (RoPA)
Data protection trainingData processor agreementsData sharing agreementsModel contract clausesBinding corporate rules
Privacy policy writingSubject Access RequestsData subject rights requestsEU Representation


The Role of the Data Protection Officer - One year on

Rob Masson - Founder and CEO at The DPO Centre

  • How has the role of the DPO been defined to date?
  • Why is it changing and how?
  • What new and additional skills are DPOs needing to develop?
  • Where will the role lead and how can DPOs truly help organisations to gain competitive advantage?
  • Is there a role beyond compliance?

Rob will discuss these questions with illustrations from the DPO Centre’s experience in providing outsourced DPOs to more than 250 organisations in a wide variety of sectors

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