Company Profile

As legislation has caught up with technology, Syrenis has continued to refine and develop innovative products to meet these new requirements. Attending the event with us in partnership, is Kudos Data Solutions Ltd. A skilled team who look to help consumers control their permissions and data as well as how your business uses their information with Cassie (Syrenis’ core product) - showing your customers that you’re a trusted brand.

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Consent managementPersonal identifiable managementCookie managementSingle version of truth
Futureproofing against legislative changeMaximise opt-insMarketing complianceAuditing transparency
SecurityMultilingualBrand strengthConsumer transparency and choice
Scalable with your businessGranular level consentMulti-brand & Multi-labelMinimise opt-outs


GDPR & ePrivacy – A holistic view, designing data protection and compliance to be a future proof business enabler.

Nicky Watson - Chief Architect at Syrenis

Covering GDPR, ePrivacy, marketing and technology. In this session we will cover some simple steps to help promote the understanding of data protection within different areas of your organisation, highlighting the benefits it can bring to each business unit. We will also look at how data protection can be utilised to be a competitive advantage and what you need to plan for in the coming years as Nicky gazes into her famous crystal ball!

There’ll be some fun but informative interactions plus 6 lucky winners will walk away at the end of the talk with ‘Rocket Wave Notebooks’ and pens.