Next Event - 8th November 2018 - Madejski Football Stadium, Reading

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Next Event - 8th November 2018 - Madejski Football Stadium​

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Opening Keynote

What makes an ideal DPO?

Christel Cao-Delebarre - Global Privacy Officer at Carlson Wagonlit Travel

The volume of data generated globally is accelerating at breakneck speed. 90% of the world’s data was generated in the last two years alone. Every minute over 15 million text messages are sent and 3.5 million Google searches conducted.

In this era of massive digital transformation and data as a currency, new data jobs are emerging all the time. But one role still remains ambiguous in many organizations: the Data Protection Officer (DPO). While not new, the General Data Protection Regulation has assigned a renewed importance to the role.

If data’s the new gold, and DPO its guardian, how do we know what makes a good DPO? How does a DPO successfully marry protecting fundamental individuals’ rights with being receptive to business and commercial interests? How do they help the company define their privacy trademark?

This presentation aims at examining the cornerstones of a critical role in a new global privacy landscape.


Rebranding Privacy

Ben Westwood - Associate Director, Privacy & Data Protection at Ipreo

Did your GDPR program gather frenetic pace during the first 5 months of 2018? Did your employees, stakeholders and board of directors become disengaged by the constant barrage of information, misinformation, questions and decisions? Does anyone even want to hear about privacy anymore? This presentation gives an insight into how you can rebrand privacy compliance within your organisation. In a time of “post May 25th indifference”, Ben provides practical solutions for building and maintaining a successful privacy program within your business, covering aspects such as improving employee engagement through to monitoring compliance and demonstrating accountability.


First 180 days

Simon Lavender, Data Protection Controller / Lead Analyst at Sky Cinema

Whilst it has been 7 years in the making, only recent data leaks, hacks and breaches have led to the relevance of the regulation. Emails previously checked had the odd errant one, but inbox became full at the deadline for GDPR compliance. Listen to what changes were implemented, what has occurred since, internally and externally and what behaviour we can expect.


GDPR - Legal Update

William Richmond-Coggan - Partner at Pitmans Law

A legal update on developments over the first six months, including a discussion of the implications of the ICO’s approach to the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica matter and what that might mean for breaches that occur under the new legal regime now in force. Clarity about the timing and content of the delayed ePrivacy Regulation.


Title TBC

Beatriz Ruiz-Beato - Data Protection Officer at CBRE

Legal Manager with more than 10 years of expertise in in business and commercial contract law. Broad experience in commercial and technology agreements. Data Privacy, GDPR, Certified Information Privacy Professional / Privacy Manager (CIPP/E & CIPM ), Intellectual Property, Tech Regulations, Commercial regulations, Legal Governance, Risk Management and Compliance. Extensive international working and cross-functional environment experience.


Defence against malicious Data Subject Requests

Shane Reed - DPO at Purdicom

Data Subject Requests can administratively cripple a company. This presentation will discuss using Data Subject rights as method of attack against companies and how to protect against such attacks.


Digital Marketing & ePrivacy

Ivana Bartoletti - Head of Privacy and Data Protection at Gemserv

This session will focus on digital marketing, including cookies, tracking, use of Facebook and other social media for online advertising and business growth.


Trust is the foundation of our digital future

Chris Combemale - Group CEO at DMA

The technology at the disposal of marketers is more powerful than ever. But with powerful technology comes great responsibility and marketers must ensure they create the ethical frameworks in which their technology can operate. As marketers, we’re the custodians of the technology that is powering the fourth industrial revolution. Marketers must act responsibly. Consumers expect this and businesses must seize the opportunity new regulations have to offer to build trust.

Silent Presentation

Life after GDPR.... Accountability, Transparency and what is still to come

Christine Andrews - Managing Director at DQM GRC

Getting GDPR compliant was only the beginning, the challenge is building a culture of ongoing compliance and being able to continually demonstrate its success. This session will include insights on how GDPR has progressed since May 2018 and take a look forward at what is expected for Data Protection in 2019. Topics will include: Current status of the ePrivacy regulation; Accountability and Transparency and what this means now; and Certifications.



Ivana Bartoletti - Head of Privacy and Data Protection at Gemserv

Senior privacy professional with proven track record of designing and delivering global privacy programmes, and dealing with major privacy and technology policy issues.

Public speaker and commentator on ethical and privacy issues surrounding AI and connected devises. Regularly features on BBC and presents at events in the UK and overseas. This includes: keynote speaker at the Asia Data Protection Conference; keynote speaker at the Digital Finance Summit; BBC Victoria Derbyshire programme.