Next Event - 8th November 2018 - Madejski Football Stadium, Reading

Gartner predicts that by the end of 2018 more than 50 per cent of companies will still not be in full compliance with its requirements despite maybe thinking they are. To avoid being one of those at risk of violating the impending legislation, organisations need to identify and address the gaps in their defences and their potential achilles heels. It is widely recognised that work to plug gaps will continue past the implementation date as benchmarking continues and real world experiences come to life. This conference will be going through the key areas to help validate your changes and support you with practical advice and steps to take.

The European Commission has also announced it aims to implement a new ePrivacy Regulation. The proposed ePrivacy Regulation will replace the 2002 ePrivacy Directive (amended 2009). This conference aims to help you on your GDPR, ePrivacy and digital marketing journey


Next Event - 8th November 2018 - Madejski Football Stadium​

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Opening Keynote

Title TBC

Christel Cao-Delebarre - Global Privacy Officer at Carlson Wagonlit Travel

Christel will lead the opening keynote for the GDPR, ePrivacy & Email Marketing Conference. Cristel is a subject Matter Expert in Data Protection, data security and privacy matters in EMEA and also globally


Rebranding Privacy

Ben Westwood - Associate Director, Privacy & Data Protection at Ipreo

Did your GDPR program gather frenetic pace during the first 5 months of 2018? Did your employees, stakeholders and board of directors become disengaged by the constant barrage of information, misinformation, questions and decisions? Does anyone even want to hear about privacy anymore? This presentation gives an insight into how you can rebrand privacy compliance within your organisation. In a time of “post May 25th indifference”, Ben provides practical solutions for building and maintaining a successful privacy program within your business, covering aspects such as improving employee engagement through to monitoring compliance and demonstrating accountability.


First 180 days

Simon Lavender, Data Protection Controller / Lead Analyst at Sky Cinema

Whilst it has been 7 years in the making, only recent data leaks, hacks and breaches have led to the relevance of the regulation. Emails previously checked had the odd errant one, but inbox became full at the deadline for GDPR compliance. Listen to what changes were implemented, what has occurred since, internally and externally and what behaviour we can expect.


Title TBC

Beatriz Ruiz-Beato - Data Protection Officer EMEA

Legal Manager with more than 10 years of expertise in in business and commercial contract law. Broad experience in commercial and technology agreements. Data Privacy, GDPR, Certified Information Privacy Professional / Privacy Manager (CIPP/E & CIPM ), Intellectual Property, Tech Regulations, Commercial regulations, Legal Governance, Risk Management and Compliance. Extensive international working and cross-functional environment experience.


Defence against malicious Data Subject Requests

Shane Reed - DPO at Purdicom

Data Subject Requests can administratively cripple a company. This presentation will discuss using Data Subject rights as method of attack against companies and how to protect against such attacks.


Digital Marketing & ePrivacy

Ivana Bartoletti - Head of Privacy and Data Protection at Gemserv

This session will focus on digital marketing, including cookies, tracking, use of Facebook and other social media for online advertising and business growth.


Privacy by Design

This session will cover:

  • Seven foundational principles of privacy by design


Team Compliance and Training (Workshop)

This Workshop will cover:

  • How to train your team to stay compliant


Beyond compliance – using the GDPR for competitor advantage


Data Protection Officer (DPO) – the DPO’s overall responsibility


Vendor Management