Next Event - 16th May 2019 - Madejski Football Stadium, Reading

GDPR 1 Year On – Has your organisation done enough?

4 Track Conference - IT, Marketing, Security & HR

Europe is now covered by the world's strongest data protection rules. The mutually agreed General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force on May 25, 2018, and was designed to modernise laws that protect the personal information of individuals. Companies covered by the GDPR are accountable for their handling of people's personal information. This can include having data protection policies, data protection impact assessments and having relevant documents on how data is processed. One of the biggest, and most talked about, elements of the GDPR has been the ability for regulators to fine businesses that don't comply with it. If an organisation doesn't process an individual's data in the correct way, it can be fined. If it requires and doesn't have a data protection officer, it can be fined. If there's a security breach, it can be fined. In the UK, these monetary penalties will be decided upon by Denham's office and the GDPR states smaller offences could result in fines of up to €10 million or two per cent of a firm's global turnover (whichever is greater). Those with more serious consequences can have fines of up to €20 million or four per cent of a firm's global turnover (whichever is greater). These are larger than the £500,000 penalty the ICO could previously issue.


Next Event - 16th May 2019 - Madejski Football Stadium​

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GDPR - One Year On

James Hayward - Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)

It is one year since the implementation of GDPR. This keynote address will present a summary of the Information Commissioner’s work in the past twelve months, share the most up to date advice and take a look ahead to the future.

  • One year of GDPR – a summary of the year in data protection
  • Compliance with data protection – what’s going wrong and what are the success stories?
  • Recent enforcement case studies
  • The ICO’s most up to date policy advice
  • E-privacy and the future of data protection
  • Questions from the audience
  • Presentation

    The view from the front line; embedding GDPR into our business

    Antony Merriman - Performance Insight and Data Science / GDPR Lead at British Gas / Local Heroes

    One year on, reflections on how we embedded GDPR into our BAU business culture. Practical tips on what worked, what didn’t, and our biggest areas of concern going forward. From the point of view of the ‘GDPR lead person / Privacy champion’ in either an agile startup SME and/or a business unit in a FTSE 100 company (we are a bit of both!)”


    Data Protection & Marketing

    Tarun Samtani - DPO at Boden

    Marketing and Data Protection do not generally go along hand in hand because Marketing want to exploit the data as much as possible which is contradictory to Data Protection principles.

    This session will discuss more on the marketing practices that really cause concern for most businesses and tips on what to watch out for when looking at your marketing strategies. How to enable Marketing teams to stay within the law and how to build that culture of privacy into Marketing.

    A) Examples of marketing that can be controversial

    B) How to build a culture of privacy.

    C) Tips to improve marketing practices.


    The main data cleansing challenges for GDPR

    Gary Langrish - DPO at Together Financial Services

    Commonly data is stored across the estate in structured and unstructured formats, usually electronically or sometimes even physically held ‘on site’ or off site’. It is likely that data has been built up in personal drives and not catalogued into a searchable system online which brings huge risk.

    In this session, we discuss the Privacy by Design ethos which will spell the end for this type of issue going forwards, but also dive into the big question on what to do about legacy data? What should be the Target Operation Model (BAU) and how should we maintain and enhance compliance going forwards? This is what Together Money are focussing on during the next phase, should you?


    GDPR - Legal Update

    William Richmond-Coggan - Partner at Pitmans Law

    A legal update on developments over the first six months, including a discussion of the implications of the ICO’s approach to the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica matter and what that might mean for breaches that occur under the new legal regime now in force. Clarity about the timing and content of the delayed ePrivacy Regulation.


    HR Function and GDPR - Q&A

    William Richmond-Coggan - Partner at Pitmans Law

    In this session the floor is open for questions on HR and Employee Data with our resident expert.


    GDPR In The Real World – The Devil in the Detail of Consent

    Mike Bohndiek - IT Director at AFC Wimbledon & Technology Officer at European Tour (Golf)

    The sporting world throws up a range of GDPR challenges. From fan consents to the holding of player medical records. From working with minors through the academy structures to the interaction between clubs and their foundations. Mike Bohndiek, Managing Director at PTI Consulting – a specialist sports technology and compliance advisory group – will share insight from their client base which ranges from the Ryder Cup to Premiership Rugby clubs and a wealth of football clubs.


    The impact of GDPR on marketing

    John Mitchison - Director Of Policy and Compliance at DMA

    Discussing how new data laws have changed the way marketers engage customers, how they use data and the channels they utilise. Including the latest insight from the DMA's industry benchmarking reports, Customer engagement series and Data privacy tracker.


    Rachel Aldighieri - Managing Director at DMA

    Our network of more than 1,000 UK companies is privy to industry research, free legal advice, political lobbying and education. Our members connect at regular events that inspire creativity, innovation, responsible marketing and more. Most of them are free. A DMA membership is a badge of accreditation. We give the industry best-practice guidelines, legal updates and a code that puts consumers at the heart. One-to-one-to-millions marketing attracts the brightest minds; individuals that will shape the future. By sharing our knowledge, together, we’ll make it vibrant.