Date Published 12 Nov 17

Today, whether your main driver is disruption, innovation, the requirement to keep up with legislation, or the ever-present need to ensure competitive differentiation, the only constant is change itself. But change can feel unsettling to commercial organisations, who associate it with the risk of the unknown. bluesource take the fear and uncertainty out of change, de-risking it and making it simple, so you can be sure that you will be left working smarter, flexibly, friction-free.

The Survey

Articles, whitepapers and surveys about GDPR are ten a penny, but we’ve not really found any of them useful. To get a real picture of what is going on in the UK IT community we surveyed over 200 senior IT executives across medium to large UK organisations. We asked them where they currently stood in line with GDPR, the strides they are making towards it, the impact a data breach would have on their organisation and to what extent they are relying on big tech vendors such as Microsoft, Veritas and Symantec to get them over the line in time for May 2018.

Download the Survey Results here

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