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Blindata is a data and processes management platform, focused on Privacy Compliance based on the concept of Accountability, SAAS or on-Premise. Based on graph technology, Blindata maps relationships between processes and IT systems.

Main features:

  • Centralized repository of disclaimer, multilanguage and multiversion
  • Record of consents, registered on Blockchain
  • Automatic generation of Records of Processing Activities
  • Management of Data Subjects' Rights (Access, Portability, Right to be Forgotten)

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Consent Management under GDPR

Francesco Gianferrari Pini - CEO & Jacopo Aliprandi - Product Owner & Technical Leader at Blindata

Art. 7 says that the controller shall be able to demonstrate that the data subject has consented to processing of his or her personal data.

Moreover, in the guidelines on consent WP 29 underlines: ...the GDPR clearly outlines the explicit obligation of the controller to demonstrate a data subject's consent. The burden of proof will be on the controller, according to Article 7(1).

In this session we will see how to easily record consents leveraging the Blockchain.